Susan O’Connor

WebsiteAs a life coach, Susan’s passion to assist people, is an integral part of her life.  She provides assistance and support for you to work with your belief systems,  setting boundaries and behavior patterns, gently shifting you to an energetic heart and soul connection creating a one of a kind personal transformation. Her unique method of using energetic vibrations and sacred geometry, intuition and insight are her gifts, which allows the bridging effect of creating a balance and harmony for each individual.

If you have any of these symptoms:

Self Esteem/ Emotional Stresses                   Health Issues

….   Confusion                                                               …  Depression

….    Fear                                                                        ….  Pain

….    Guilt                                                                       ….  Trauma

Susan works with many life issues and concerns,.  If you have other questions or answered ‘yes’ to any of these symptoms, please contact her at: 602-803-9970  or contact Susan    Available by Skype    Watch for Specials!


I have had anger issues all my life, and since working with Susan through these alternative methods and in just a few sessions, I feel lighter and brighter more so than I ever have. I reflect back on things that would have really sent me around the corner with anger, and now it doesn’t bother me or it only irritates me on the surface. I definately feel as though my intense anger is gone and my residual “anger” has shifted to a calm irritation. Even my husband says he can see a difference in me.  There is more to work on but I am changing and for this I am happy.  Thank you very much Susan.


I was instantly excited by this concept of work, my experience was emotional and uplifting.  My energy started to shift in my body as I integrated with these new energies.  I began to see new truths that are now a part of me.  I remember the moment that this took place, I got so much out of working with Susan because I was ready.  It is phenomenal to wake up each day without old tapes running through my mind and having a new awareness instead.

After a few months, my nine year old son worked with Susan, he is now really enjoying his new communication skills and we now communicate more openly.  Susan’s work is very special and there aren’t enough words to describe our experiences with her.  Thank you Susan.


In my first session,  I experienced the freedom that comes when the conflicts are released in the mind.  I now experience the expansion and awareness to be more fully my true self.   Blocked energy and behavioral patterns have been released. The emotional healing that has taken place has been AWESOME, and as I continue to feel better than I ever have, I have lost 20lbs and my blood pressure has lowered since working with Susan.  I would urge anyone to experience Susan’s work as it has been invaluable in helping me, as she is truly gifted.