Christine Taft

Christine Taft

Christine Taft is a dedicated and conscientious professional and life coach who lives life passionately and with purpose.  Along with her years of traditional and non traditional research and studies of human behavior and psyche, she uses her unique intuitive abilities and spiritual insight as well.  Christine has developed a unique approach and techniques to unlock the true essence of life.  The Joy of Life as Christine calls this work, will address, emotional stress, belief systems, physical disorders, setting boundaries and achieving goals. Aligning you with your life’s purpose, as this process is regenerating and activating, allowing yourself growth to create your life’s achievements.

  • Do you desire a more fulfilling career?
  • Are you in a difficult relationship?
  • Do you feel stuck or stagnant in your life?
  • Do you feel a void in your life?
  • Are you feeling physical or emotional distress?
  • Do you lack passion for Life?
  • Do you feel out of alignment with your life?
  • Do you need balance in your life?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, and you are ready to move through and release them. A session offers you the opportunity to experience major changes and personal growth. It can be a quantum leap if you so choose. The truths that lie within are simply waiting to be unlocked.


“Christine Taft has much life experience to share with those who are ready to make changes in their lives.  She is honest, forthright and genuine in her desire to assist you in making your life all that it can be! Christine is highly empathic and, along with her Guides, is able to help you more easily untangle the web of issues that have kept you bound or stalled on your path.”           Pam W.   Artist & Intuitive

“When I first talked with Christine Taft, I had pretty much given up on life for the last 15 years.  I was a huge Introvert and she showed me how to get out of my sheltered life and live.  I have done so many things for myself since, from the simplest of things like cleaning and removing old stuff from closets and the house … letting go of the past.  Just going for walks, which I’ve never done before, and eating healthier, I’ve lost weight and feel good about myself.  Through Christine’s encouragement, it has given me a new lease on life.  She has a talent that few people have, and will get you to answer questions you’ve heard before.  Hearing those questions made me really think … I’m still thinking … Christine has helped me find my true self and do a 180 in only six months.  Thank you Christine.” Michael Louis Gouze

“Christine Taft has a rare and unique ability to see and understand the whole picture, getting to the heart of matters with a clarity and honesty that is truly a gift.  The information she gets is truth and allows core issues to be resolved, which gives the ability to move forward very quickly.  The growth and changes in myself through working with Christine’s alternative methods is truly amazing, my life has been transformed.   I am so grateful I found Christine Taft and the Personal Path Advisor.   Thank you so very much!”   Susan Dahl

“I was referred to Christine Taft initially for professional purposes of insight, direction and guidance.  Ms. Taft’s insight also ultimately evolved into guidance in my personal outlooks as well.  I value her input and the way she challenges one to think alternatively as well as her conviction to simply helping others.  I have been fortunate to utilize her services and highly recommend working with her.”  Jeff Hatcher