Personal Path Advisor Group

Personal Path Advisor is a group of life coaches with unique skills and providing the navigational tools to a life filled with joy, purpose and success.

We work with each individual in a customized and uniquely designed way, according to developmental needs and circumstances.  Allowing the body mind spirit to connect,  using alternative methods for setting boundaries, achieving goals, clearing emotional stress and physical disorders, thus allowing you life’s achievements.

Sunset Pathway

Myths & Misconceptions of Life

The Myths of the Times have always been that if we were good enough and did all the right things then good things would happen and life would simply be great.  The great  myths of life and the Cinderella Story of saving and being saved.

Our worlds, our lives have been built on the myths creating a false foundation for the real world we live in.  As we unravel the myth of our life and understand who we are, we have the opportunity to create our new world seen from a different perspective and experiencing life in a clear and balanced way.

The Myth is, I can do this alone, I am weak if I ask for help, if I seek out help there must be something wrong with me.  Denial comes in many forms, creating a false life which in most cases starts at a very young age and shapes our lives through our behavior patterns and life experiences.

Clearing The Myth – Clarity & The Honest Truth

In today’s world, globally connected, with highly educated and multi-purpose lifestyles, do you really want to continue to live the myth living an unfulfilled life, still being unhappy and “something” is missing.  Or, are you ready to see what the myth has created for you and where your life can go to fulfill your “impossible dreams”.  You have the opportunity to create your dreams to come true.  If you are willing to take the first step in creating your dreams we will walk with you to make it happen.

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